Interior design for a young couple, some interesting suggestions

The project chosen by the owners as winner was that of Beatrice Barbieri , in which, with some demolitions and reconstructions, a fresh and modern layout was given to the apartment, which is more spacious and airy, while maintaining the current layout of the areas so as to contain restructuring costs, especially from the point of view of plant engineering.

The fulcrum of the house is the large living area, a large and bright open space with a “Nordic” feel thanks to the light colors and the arrangement of the ceiling spotlights. Simply the demolition of a partition allows here to join entrance, living room, kitchen, dining room and study making full use of all these spaces and creating an environment of great visual impact.

The predominant color throughout the house is white, accompanied by the soft color of oak wood in the furniture and porcelain stoneware; here and there has been added a touch of color, on a wall of the living area, in the dining room seats, in the supporting columns.

The second place was won by Luca De Simone’s proposal : here the large living area revolves around the central pillar that acts as a fulcrum for the unraveling of the kitchen, the dining area and the living area. A custom-made plasterboard bookcase accompanied by a sliding panel in wood and glass separates the study area, creating a peaceful and quiet environment without giving up the entrance of light, which allows natural lighting even in a small room with no windows.

The result is the sensation of a fluid, spacious environment with warm tones. The presence of a large window in the living room, which ends with the glass door that opens onto the balcony, allows light to filter through most of the afternoon, reflecting on the white mirrored furniture and light wood finishes. The use of a few minimal pieces of furniture and a geometric shape helps to leave ample free space in which to move, increasing the size perceived by the inhabitant.